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Interesting facts about Leh Ladakh

Ladakh is a paradise for adventure lovers which attracts tourists from all over the world. Ladakh is known as ‘The Land of high passes’. This place has lots of rocky mountains and beautiful lakes. Leh is the largest town of Ladakh which is situated in the northern state of India known as Jammu and Kashmir. This place holds lots of attractions and landscaped which makes this place a wonderful holiday destination. Leh is situated on the height of  3524 meters. There are lots of monasteries which are good to have some peace in this beautiful place.

You might be familiar with the beauty of Leh Ladakh or not but in this article, we are going to know some interesting facts about Leh Ladakh by with you will be amazed for sure.


  1. Ladakh’s Bailey Bridge is the highest bridge in the world

Bailey Bridge in Ladakh is built over Dras and Suru River at the height of 5,602 meters above the sea level. The bridge was built by Indian Army in 1982. The bridge is made up of timber and steel. The bridge carries road traffic and pedestrians. This bridge a big tourist attraction after having a very simple design.


  1. Ladakh is the only place that has twin humped camels

Two-humped camels also known as The Bactrian Camels are found only in Ladakh. It is one of the biggest attraction of Nubra valley in Ladakh. You can have a ride on the back of these camels to have full fun at this place. These camels are fully different from the simple single-humped camel. They are having a dense fur as compare to other species of camels and this thing makes them more attractive and unique.


  1. Highest Saltwater Lake

There is a lake named Pangong Tso Lake which is situated at the height of 4350 meters. This lake is 134 km long having its small part in China. During the winter season, this lake freezes completely. The western part of the lake is saltine, while the eastern part is fresh. This lake is at about 5 hours drive from Leh on a dramatic rough mountain road.


  1. Ladakh has a Magnetic Hill

You might be heard of this hill. Magnetic hill or some people say gravity hill located near Leh in Ladakh. This hill is situated in Leh-Srinagar NH at about 30km from Leh city. The road is aligned with a slope of the background which can mystify you by drifting the car to the upside.



  1. Land of Maximum number of Festivals

There are a minimum of two festivals celebrate in the whole Leh Ladakh. All the festivals are about their traditional culture, colourful dresses, and singing. The culture of the place is full of Tibetian and Buddhist traditions and they celebrate the festivals truly according to their traditions. Most famous festivals are:

Ladakh Festival

  • HemisTsechu Festival
  • Sindhu Darshan Festival
  • Losar Festival


  1. Highest Drivable road in the world

Khardunga La pass which is situated in Ladakh at a height of 5359 meters is known as the highest motorable road in the world. People ride this place on motorcycle mostly. This place will fill you with joy of achievement if you reach here. A board is there to show the height of place from the sea level and a phrase ‘Highest Motorable road in the world’

  1. Leh Ladakh has the highest fields in the world

This place is having the world record of having fields on the maximum height in all over the world. These fields are situated on the Tso Moriri Lake which is on a height of 4,600 meters from the sea level. The scenery is amazing and you can get some amazing camera click here too.



  1. Highest Settlement in India

Suru Valley and Zanskar valley are the most famous valleys in Leh-Ladakh surrounded by amazing mountains and peaceful environment. After crossing the Rangdum area, there is a place known as Pensi-La which is the highest settlement of India at a height of 4400 meters from the sea level. This place is calm but offering difficulties due to its geographical features.


  1. World’s second highest optical Telescope

With its clear air and high altitude, this place is the home of the world’s second highest optical telescope and an astronomy center. Udaipur Solar Observatory and Two meters Himalayan Chandra optical are some of the Astronomy study centers of India situated in Ladakh.


  1. Kung-Fu Nuns

Kund-Fu is taught to the women under 25 years (not compulsory) in the Drupka nunnery in Ladakh. These women are empowered with strict kung-fu techniques and they enlighten the ways of other women to learn this self-empowering technique. Lots of documentaries are made on the nuns their Kung-Fu training.


  1. Hardest Trek available in India

January is a popular month for the trekker to Trek the hardest trek of India which is on the Zanksar River in Leh which is frozen at that time. This trek is quite fascinating for the trekkers and it needs lots of determination to compete for this trek in the harsh weather conditions. The temperature at this time will be below zero to create a more challenging trekking experience.


  1. A desert with more than 225 species of Birds

After having a cold and harsh environment, Ladakh is the home of more about 225 different species of birds. This place is known as a cold desert but there are a number of birds of different types living here from a long period. It is the most interesting thing to imagine how birds can survive here with an extremely cold atmosphere and very less greenery. Some of the most common bird species here are Robins, Hoopoe, and Redstarts.


Leh Ladakh is a must go place if you are finding adventure and calmness at a single place. This place is easy to go by air and road. There are lots of other things that will amaze you for sure but these facts attract lots of tourists to visit here from all over the world.


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